Epson Chipless Firmware [Manual]

Epson Chipless Firmware [Manual]

Epson Chipless Firmware

1 Neen connect printer by USB cable

We like run USB Device Viewer for check all USB device

2 Download and run chipless firmware

4 Tnen you see 71%  and printer was automaticaly restart = Firmware finished

5 Need run Windows Task Manager: press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC , and close process Epson Firmware Updater

6 Run Activator, select needed printer, press button activate online

7 Enter Key activate  [Key activate is only one time key = only for one printer]

8 After Succeefull activate = need turn OFF the printer by button after turn ON

9 ID Code and Key Restore need save for future restore chipless firmware in your printer

Base Error Codes of Activator

Communication failed. - 10092 = The key activation is used or time of activation the end

Communication failed. - 10093 = The key activation is not compatible with your printer model


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