Pantum M6700D M6700DW M7100DN M7100DW Chipless firmware

Pantum M6700D M6700DW M7100DN M7100DW Chipless firmware

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To create a cipless firmware you need to send the data of your printer: ID printer

For get printer ID we recommend using the free program Pantum_Chipless_V4.1.1
This program have button Get ID, this ID code you can send to us

Instructions for firmware P2200 P2500
with mainboard Bichon4 (2.A.0.x, 3.A.0.x)

  1. The software version must be 4.1.1 or higher

  2. Remove the side cover from the USB cable connection side.

  3. With the printer turned off, close (with tweezers) the BOOT1 [CN2] contacts and turn on the printer

  4. The printer will turn on in Bootloader Mode, this can be checked by clicking the [Get Printer ID] button in the program.

  5. Press button [Upgrade Firmware] and select Patch_2.A.0.8.hd 

  6. Wait 30 seconds until the green bar at the bottom of the program fills up. After that, turn off the printer (by holding the power button for 5 seconds, or by disconnecting it from the power supply) and turn on the printer again.

  7. Now the printer will enter to mode Bootloader itself

  8. After all this, you can send the chipless firmware by clicking [Upgrade Firmware] and select the firmware file Chipless_XXXXXXXXXX_M6700_M7100w.fwr. The firmware process can be quite long, more 3 minutes. 
    Note: While programming the printer, the software will show NOT RESPONDING, but it's actually running [programs the printer] and you have to wait for it to finish

  9. After successful completion, the bar at the bottom of the program will be completely green and printer will automatically itself restarting.