Pantum M7300FDN M7300FDW Chipless firmware

Pantum M7300FDN M7300FDW Chipless firmware

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To create a cipless firmware you need to send the data of your printer: ID printer

For get printer ID we recommend using the free program Pantum_Chipless_V4.1.1
This program have button Get ID, this ID code you can send to us

Instruction (Manual) for programing chipless firmware

1. Connect printer to computer by USB cable and turn printer ON

 - Run software Pantum_Chipless_V4.1.1
 - Press button [Upgrade Firmware] and select Chipless_XXXXXXXXXX_M7300_3.3.8.0.fwr
 - Need wait long time (more 2 minutes)
 - After 2 minutes (or more) the software will show progress bar => Green status
 And after the printer will automatically itself restarting

2. Done, the firmware is finished.