Xerox Phaser 3020, 3020W fix firmware (chipless)

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Phaser 3020

Phaser 3020W




To create a fix firmware you need to send the data of your printer:

1. Exact printer model
2. Firmware version
3. Machine Serial Number
4. CRUM Number (Toner chip)

To check printer reports (in order not to make a mistake in the data) we recommend use the free program Printer Reports by ORPYS, it has the ability to save reports, you can send this report to us

Instruction (Manual) for program firmware

1. Connect printer to computer
2. Enter printer into Download Mode [forced mode]
    - On the printer turned off,
    - Press and hold buttons [WPS] after [Power]
    - Release the buttons.
3. Extract the archive with the firmware and run the file download_1.bat or drag and drop the file First_Phaser3020_V3.50.01.xx.hd on usbprns2.exe.
    - Wait for the printer to done programming (1-2 minutes) and then it will reboot itself
    - After rebooting the printer, wait until it is ready and run the file download_2.bat or drag and drop the file P_NU_ХХХХХХХХХХ_Phaser3020_V3.50.01.xx.hd on usbprns2.exe.
    - Wait for the printer to done programming (1-2 minutes) and then it will reboot itself
    - After rebooting the printer you need remove toner chip [glue by tape] and not allow other chips.
4. Done, the firmware is finished.

P/S: After firmware, we recommend disconnecting the CRUM connector from the Mainboard

Instruction (Manual) for program original firmware

1. Enter printer into Download Mode
2. Download and extract the archive with original firmware
3. Drag and drop the file Phaser3020_V3.50.01.xx.hd on usbprns2.exe

Original firmware you can download in this page

Enter to Download Mode

    - On the printer turned OFF
    - Press and hold buttons [WPS] after [Power]