Epson L3060 Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter

Error A printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life. Needs maintenance

Instruction manual

1 Extract archive

2 Run the program AdjProg Rev3.exe

3 Push button Select

4 Select your printer model

  • L3060

5 Printer port can be left Auto selection, but it is advisable to choose which one it is connected to and press the button OK

6 Push button Particular adjustment mode

7 Select Waste ink pad counter and push button OK

8 Put check marks opposite Main Pad Counter and Platen pad counter  and push button Check to see how many counters are full  (paragraph 7 is not required make)

9 Put check marks opposite Main Pad Counter and Platen pad counter  and push button Initialization for reset counters , after program the show When the OK button is clicked, counter will be initialized , and push button OK

Next, the program will ask you to restart the printer Please turn off the printer, restart the printer by button and close the program

All diapers are reset, then we recommend removing and washing the absorbent diaper pad or replacing it

Or look video

A reusable program for waste ink reset of printer Epson L3060 you can order on this page

Epson L3060 Adjustment Program

Or order the service 

Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter Online