Programmer UFPI Overview

AdapterShort InformationIn StockPrice
Programmer UFPI [Silver]In Stock119 USD
Programmer UFPI Pro [Red]In Stock199 USD
Programmer UFPI [Mainboard]Waiting104 USD
Programmer UFPI [Mainboard] CleanWaiting89 USD
ProgrammerUFPI Pro [Mainboard]Waiting124 USD
Adapter NAND WellsFull Adapter with decoder for NAND TSOP48 In Stock35 USD
Adapter NAND ANDKFull Adapter with decoder for NAND TSOP48 In Stock25 USD
Adapter NAND PinboardIn Stock15 USD
Adapter NAND ZIFIn Stock15 USD
Adapter NAND BGA63 KZTIn Stock119 USD

Adapter NAND BGA63 KZT


In Stock15 USD
Adapter OneNAND PinboardIn Stock15 USD
Adapter OneNAND BGA63 KZTIn Stock119 USD
Adapter OneNAND ENTTIn Stock15 USD
Adapter E-MATE ProIn Stock15 USD
Adapter E-MATE X 8-bitIn Stock15 USD
EASY JTAG eMMC 8-bitIn Stock15 USD
Adapter ICFIEND 8-bitIn Stock15 USD
Adapter SD CardIn Stock10 USD
eMMC RT809H PCB 8-bitIn Stock3.5 USD
Adapter NOR TSOP48 PinboardIn Stock15 USD
Adapter NOR TSOP56 ANDKIn Stock35 USD
Adapter NOR TSOP56 PinboardIn Stock23 USD
Adapter SPI / I2C ZIFIn Stock15 USD
Adapter JTAG / BDMIn Stock15 USD
Adapter LOGGERIn Stock20 USD
Adapter UART / GPIOIn Stock10 USD
UFPI макетная платаIn Stock5 USD
Activation SD / eMMCIn Stock19 USD
Activation OneNANDIn Stock19 USD
Activation Serial NANDIn Stock19 USD
Activation JTAGIn Stock19 USD
Activation BDMIn Stock19 USD
Activation LOGGERIn Stock19 USD
Activation Mount FileIn Stock39 USD
Activation Mount ChipIn Stock39 USD

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